Teacher resource kits

Bug Discovery Kit

This Bug Discovery Kit provides an introduction to the wonderful world of insects and other invertebrates. 
Within each resource package, you’ll find an introduction with a topic overview,
information about the kit, and tips on how to plan your own visit to the Zoo. You’ll also find activity outlines and instructions, followed by a glossary of
relevant terms, and all printable resources needed for each specified activity.
While some activities are more suited to pre-trip, during trip, or post-trip
purposes, feel free to switch their order depending on how you have planned
your lesson!
These activities are also designed to complement 
books on the P1 and P2 STELLAR reading list.

Student activity sheets

Make visits to Singapore Zoo and other Wildlife Reserve Singapore parks more engaging and educational for the kids with these free activity sheets. These worksheets combine different disciplines such as English, Chinese, Maths and Science. With them, kids get to learn more about wildlife during their visit and have more fun! Do remember to print on both sides of the paper to save trees too!


Eco games

Learn the fun way to go green with these free activity sheets!

Nature Play List


Use the nature-based activity ideas on this list to spark your next family adventure!

Nature Scavenger Hunt


The Zoo is home to wild animals too! Team up with friends and family to find as many items as possible on this list during your visit.

Makan Detectives

home activity

Become a Makan Detective: trace your food's journey from farm to fork, and discover how much of our food is actually sustainable!

Recycle Racers

Home activity

Learn how you can recycle, help the earth, and have fun at the same time! 

Top Marks

home activity

Not all products and companies are equal. Score top marks by spotting environmentally friendly products that display these marks! 

Wetland Wonders

home activity

Do you know how important wetlands can be in ensuring clean waterways? Try this experiment at home and see for yourself! 

Teaching materials and publications

Add more depth, dimension and fun to your zoo visit with these teaching guides. These Singapore Zoo stories come with zoo trails to help you plan educational tours on your own. They are also available in Chinese, Malay and Tamil.

Fragile Forest & Tropical Crops: An Enchanted Learning Journey

Primary 1 & 2

Using the zoo’s most popular zones - Fragile Forest and Tropical Crops – this resource book guides early childhood educators on how to conduct engaging hands-on activities for children. Encouraging them to be creative thinkers, this book aims to arouse children’s interest in living organisms.

Price S$ 17

Singapore Zoo Stories 1 (Chinese, P1)

Primary 1

‘Singapore Zoo Stories’ is a series of four books that revolve around the life of Ah Meng, the orangutan, and Komali, the Asian elephant. Through these animal stars, we hope to promote interest in learning the Chinese language among children.

Price S$ 12

Singapore Zoo Stories 2 (Chinese, P2)

Primary 2

An engaging way to teach children Chinese, this series features animal characters like Pedro, the small-clawed otter and his friends. These creatures show how to separate different materials for recycling, plus other interesting facts such as the eating habits of pygmy hippos, and how to care for animals in the zoo.

Price S$ 9

Singapore Zoo Stories (Malay, P1 & P2)

Primary 1 & 2

Get your child excited about learning Malay through the zoo’s star animal stars! A collaboration with Teachers Network and a team of 10 Malay language teachers, this package comprises four storybooks on zoo animals and two activity books.

Price S$ 7

Singapore Zoo Stories (Tamil, P1 & P2)

Primary 1 & 2

Teachers and parents can use this educational resource package to get children interested in learning Tamil. Written by a team of 16 Tamil teachers, these books are closely aligned with Primary 1 and 2 Tamil language curriculum requirements. This package includes four storybooks on the adventures of zoo animals, an informative book with beautiful pictures featuring animals found in Singapore Zoo and two activity books.

Price S$ 7