Night Safari is (quite literally) a Living Classroom where learning about animals, plants and wildlife conservation comes to life! It is a living dimension to add to your curriculum so your students can encounter real sights, sounds and smells. So, read on to discover how to plan a meaningful educational trip for your students to Night Safari.

Admission rates

  • Prices and programmes are correct at point of communication and are subjected to change without prior notice
  • Students must be in uniform or school T-shirt for rates to apply
  • Admission for child below 3 years old is free. To enjoy free admission, school groups are to pre-register with Education Department, providing the names and birth dates of the students
  • Registration of visit is required to enjoy the school rates
  • Payment can be made either by Cash, NETs or Credit Card upon arrival at Night Safari

For students

Primary & below

Pre register with education department. To be in school uniform or PE attire.


Secondary, Junior Colleges ITEs and Millenia Institues.

To be in school uniform or PE attire


Polytechnics, Universities

S$ 14
Admission for children below 3 years is free
S$ 26
S$ 26

For teachers / parent volunteers

  • For every 10 paying students, 1 adult gets complimentary admission. Additional adults in the group wil have to pay admission fee (school rates)
  • The 10:1 ratio is not applicable to tertiary institutions such as (but not limited to Polytechnics, Private Institutions and Universities)  
For every adult to 10 paying students
For every adult beyond the complimentary 10:1 ratio
S$ 26
Prices are shown in Singapore dollar (SGD) and are subject to change without notice.
Prices for Night Safari’s individual educational programmes exclude admission rates. The 10:1 student and teacher/parent volunteer ratio also applies to programme prices.
Park tickets are valid for one full day. Visitors can exit and re-enter the park on the same day by presenting their park ticket and stamp provided by our staff at the exit.

What to do

Decided to bring your students to Night Safari?

Great! Here’s how you can plan beforehand to ensure they make the most out of their visit.

Register your visit with us to let us know when you and your students will be coming!

Check out our programmes

There’s a great deal to explore at Night Safari. We’ve organised the experience into learning programmes for students at every level, from primary to tertiary. Add them to your itinerary here!

Preparing for a self-guided trip

If you wish to do a self-guided trip without signing up for a programme, you may wish to check out the list of shows and activities. Don’t forget to register your visit with us beforehand!

Make your visit smoother

Plan for meal times with our places to eat, or for shows with our live show schedule – you may even be able to squeeze in an animal feeding time or two! Refer to our park map for easy orientation around Night Safari areas.

Plan a recce trip

We recommend arranging a recce trip before bringing your students. It’ll help you to be more familiar with Night Safari in preparation for the actual day. Complete the form, drop us an email and we’ll be glad to help you out!

Things to note

Prepare your students on the topic and what they should look out for at Night Safari. You may use this opportunity as well to brief them on acceptable behaviour at the park (such as no teasing or unsupervised feeding of the animals and more in our Park Rules).

Recap and reflect

We recommend following up on a Night Safari visit by refreshing the learning objectives and finding out how much your students have learned from the experience.

What to bring

Hydration is important while outdoors!

To prevent unexpected mosquito bites.

These are more preferable to umbrellas in case of wet weather.

To journal interesting learning moments!

If you have further queries, please contact the following:

General enquiries – [email protected]