In celebration of 10 years of bird conservation, Jurong Bird Park is opening its gates to all local residents for free*! For 10 days from 6 – 15 September 2019, Singaporeans, Permanent Residents and FIN holders can enter Jurong Bird Park for free*. Purchase coupons to enter gated aviaries and experience special activities. Flock down now with your family for this exclusive offer!


*Nominal charges apply for entry into gated aviaries, shows and Birdz of Play area. Local residents only. Other terms and conditions apply.


Tickets to enter the park and coupons are only available on-site. Last redemption of complimentary tickets is at 4.45pm. Last park entry is at 5pm.

Event Details

Free Areas

Take a walk around Jurong Bird Park and enjoy the below 14 areas for free. Learn about Singapore’s own Great hornbill at Hornbills and Toucans or fly over to Birds of Prey to spot one of the world’s rarest raptors – the Philippine eagle.
1. Bird Discovery Centre
2. Birds of Prey
3. Breeding & Research Centre
4. Dinosaur Descendants
5. Flamingo Lake
6. Flamingo Pool
7. Heliconia Walk
8. Hornbills and Toucans
9. Jungle Jewels
10. Outdoor Penguin Coast
11. Pelican Cove
12. Royal Ramble
13. Window on Paradise
14. Wetlands


Gated Areas

Check out the activities below for special wildlife experiences within the gated areas! Nominal charges apply for entry into gated areas.

Click HERE for a map of the event.

Gated Areas
Indoor Penguin Coast
Lory Loft
Wings of Asia
Waterfall Aviary
Parrot Paradise
Meet our Baby Kings!
Feed our Lovely Lories
Wings of Asia Scatter Feeding
Waterfall Feeding Frenzy
Blue Macaw Keeper Chit-chat
$2 per gated area
Birdz of Play
Hawk Arena
Pools Amphitheatre
Take a Dip and Cool Off!
Kings of the Skies Show
High Flyers Show
$4 per gated area

Coupon Purchase

Coupons* are available for purchase during the campaign period. Coupons are sold in sets of $10 each and can be used at the following:

(a)  Gated areas

(b)  Restaurants within Jurong Bird Park^

(c)  Gift Shops within Jurong Bird Park


*Click HERE to see the full set of terms and conditions. ^Excluding Pizza Hut, Curry Gardenn, Lunch with Parrots and mobile food & beverage kiosks.


Please note that all activities are weather permitting.

Terms and Conditions

All Singaporeans, Permanent Residents and FIN holders are invited to this celebration!

However, do note that nominal charges apply for entry into gated aviaries, shows and Birdz of Play area. 

For the full list of terms and conditions, please click HERE.

Frequently Asked Questions


In celebration of 10 years of bird conservation, Jurong Bird Park is opening its gates to all local residents for free!

All local residents – Singaporeans, Singapore Permanent Residents & all other FIN holders can enjoy this promotion.

Head down to Jurong Bird Park ticketing counters with original proof of identity (NRIC, passport, etc.) to redeem your free ticket for entry.

Jurong Bird Park is open from 8.30am – 6.00pm daily. Click here to see the full list of activities available during the event.

Coupons are available in sets of $10 and are available for purchase from the below locations.

  • Ticketing Counters
  • Rental Services Counter
  • Tram Station 2
  • Tram Station 3
  • Birdz of Play

Coupons grant you access to gated areas within Jurong Bird Park. Gated areas contain exclusive wildlife experiences that are only available during the event period for a nominal fee.

Coupons can also be used at Restaurants^ and Gift Shops within Jurong Bird Park.

^Excludes Curry Gardenn, Pizza Hut, Lunch with Parrots and mobile food and beverage kiosks around Jurong Bird Park.

Please refer to this table for the gated areas, activities and price.

Your ticket grants you full access to all attractions within Jurong Bird Park including to the gated areas.

The coupons can be used throughout the event period. Bring your remaining coupons on another day and join us for more fun! 

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