Let's come together to protect the future of wildlife and biodiversity through conservation efforts. Awareness is the first step. Now let's turn things around for wildlife, together!

Pledge for Wildlife

Pledge for Wildlife

Want to turn things around for wildlife? This March, post* an upside-down picture of yourself on Instagram and #TogetherForWildlife. With each post, we will pledge $1 towards wildlife conservation. Tag your friends you’d think would like to do their part for wildlife as well!

Caption: I’m helping to turn things around for wildlife cos with every upside down photo I post, @wrs.ig will pledge $1 towards wildlife conservation. @, @, and @, I want to see you upside down too! #TogetherforWildlife

*Terms & conditions apply. To make your pledge count, do make your Instagram account public. 

We have received 12280 pledges!


(information accurate as on 31/03/2018)



Let’s come together to support

wildlife conservation! 


Start With Awareness

Around the park

Learn about our efforts to turn the situation around and help protect animals and their habitats. Small choices we make as individuals can collectively have a major
impact on our planet and its wildlife. Be inspired to do your part! 

Coffee With a Cause

8am to 7pm The Wild Deli

Owa coffee is grown in a wildlife-friendly manner to preserve the rainforest habitats of endangered Javan gibbons and provides a source of income for the farmers.  

Save wildlife and benefit the community by purchasing Owa coffee available at The Wild Deli. Enjoy a cup or purchase the coffee beans – 30¢ from every purchase go towards conservation efforts. 

Who's Got Your Vote?

Outside Main Gift Shop at Singapore Zoo

We fund projects in Singapore and rest of Southeast Asia to protect threatened wildlife. Vote for your favourite project in-park to show support – Javan Gibbon, King Cobra or Southern River Terrapin. 

Thank You for Being a Wildlife Hero

You are making a difference just by visiting our wildlife parks—50¢ of your paid admission ticket goes towards conservation efforts in the region. Do you also know that by participating in our animal token feeding sessions, all proceeds go towards wildlife conservation too?



Buy Online and Save

Skip the queue! Buy your admission tickets online and save* up to 15%!

*Local residents exclusive.

As a world-leading zoological institution, Wildlife Reserves Singapore contributes to saving wildlife by supporting local and regional field conservation projects..
To date, we have provided in-kind and financial support to over 50 wildlife conservation projects across the Southeast Asian region. 
Find out more of our conservation work!

Conserving Javan Gibbon Habitats and Promoting Shade Coffee

Between 4,000 and 4,500 in the wild, Javan gibbons face severe habitat loss caused by increasing land use for human development. The primates end up in fragmented pockets of forests which are too small to support them. 

Find out more on how we pave the way for gibbon conservation! 

Saving Sunda Pangolins

Pangolins are the world’s most heavily trafficked mammal, making it particularly challenging for conservationists across the world to prevent their eventual extinction. In Singapore, local pangolins are threatened by urbanisation as many pangolins frequently end up as roadkill on busy roads.

Find out more on how we support conservation and breeding efforts of the world's most poached mammal. 

Saving Southern River Terrapins

They were poached for their eggs and meat until they were thought to be extinct. A precious small group was rediscovered in 2001. 

Find out how we support Wildlife Conservation Society in their efforts here.