Festive Activities @ Singapore Zoo

  • 27-30 Jan

    Auspicious Mascots Meet & Greet

    Receive blessings as you say hello to Fu Lu Shou – the three gods of Prosperity, Status and Longevity – and God of Fortune. Snap a shot with them too.

    Time: 10.30am, 12.30pm & 2.30pm

    Venue: Singapore Zoo Entrance Plaza

  • 28-30 Jan

    Captivating Lion Dance

    Be amazed by our rousing lion dance performance. Pose for a photo with them after the show!

    Time: 10am & 2pm

    Venue: Singapore Zoo Entrance Plaza

  • 28-30 Jan

    Festive Animal Enrichment

    Watch how our animals enjoy their specially-prepared festive treats as you stroll about.

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  • 28-30 Jan

    Fowl Facts

    Come and learn how chickens evolved from wild fowls to domesticated birds!

    Time: 10am - 4pm

    Venue: Outside Retail Shop

  • 27 Jan-11 Feb

    Zoo-diac Trail

    Will you rule the roost this year? Learn about the zodiac predictions for the Year of the Rooster.

    Follow the trail below and explore the park on foot.

Activities are subjected to weather conditions



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Singapore Zoo Animal Enrichment

Exhibit Date/Time Species
Free-Ranging Orangutan 27 - 30 Jan / 3.30pm Orangutans
Elephants of Asia 27 - 29 Jan / 1.15pm Elephants
Fragile Forest 28 - 30 Jan / 11.30am White faced saki monkey
Malayan flying foxes
Proboscis Monkey
(Rainforest Walk)
27 - 30 Jan / 11.30am Proboscis monkey
Sun Bear 27 - 30 Jan / 2.15pm Sun bear
Reptile Garden 27 Jan / 2pm Aldabra giant tortoise
29 Jan / 2pm Komodo dragon
Tortoise Shell-ter 28 Jan / 3.15pm Red tegu
Rock monitor
29 Jan / 4pm African spurred tortoise