Festive Activities @ Night Safari

  • 27-30 Jan

    Dazzling Mascots Meet & Greet

    Let luck shine on you as you meet our auspicious LED God of Fortune and Fu Lu Shou mascots – the three gods of Prosperity, Status and Longevity!

    Time: 6.45pm & 7.45pm

    Venue: Night Safari Entrance Plaza

    28-30 Jan

    Zoo-diac Trail

    Let the zodiac predictions shed some light on what the Year of the Rooster has in store for you and your family.

    Venue: Elephant Courtyard

  • 28-30 Jan

    Electrifying Dragon Dance

    Be mesmerised as our bright and colourful LED dragon twirls and whirls in the dark of night.

    Time: 7.30pm & 8.30pm

    Venue: Night Safari Entrance Plaza

  • 28-30 Jan


    Explore the park and see how the animals enjoy their specially-prepared festive treats.

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Activities are subjected to weather conditions



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Walking Trail Date/Time Species
Fishing Cat Trail 29 Jan / 7.15pm Common palm civet
30 Jan / 7.15pm Fishing cat
Leopard Cat Trail 28 Jan / 8.15pm Indian porcupine
Slow loris
29 Jan / 8.15pm Small-toothed palm civet
Malayan civet
30 Jan / 8.15pm Binturong
Wallaby Trail 28 Jan / 9.45pm Common brushtail possum
29 Jan / 9.45pm Wallaby
30 Jan / 9.45pm Sugar glider
Common brushtail possum