Found clinging onto her dead mother, this tiny baby pangolin was named Stardust by her rescuers from ACRES for how lost and lonely she looked. Pangolin babies orphaned at such a young age – Stardust is estimated to be only 2 months of age when discovered – don’t often survive as they’re still dependent on their mother’s milk. In hopes of saving her life, though her mother is gone, her rescuers brought Stardust to our animal hospital.

stardust the pangolin orphan

Drawing on our previous experience in hand-raising Sandshrew the pangolin, who was similarly orphaned at a tender age, our vets took on the 24/7 task of hand rearing Stardust. Some baby animals are known to take only milk from their mother’s breast so there was a real fear that Stardust would fail to thrive under human care. Thankfully, Stardust took well to bottle feeding and rapidly put on weight.