The sloth bear sisters have come a long way, from birth to exhibit debut.
  1. This newborn gets a quick health check and her umbilical cord is gently removed.
  2. The wee infants had to be fed every 2-3 hours. Dr Abraham Mathew, Assistant Director (Veterinary) examines this sleepy little cub after a feed.
  3. At this age, the cubs must be physically stimulated to pass urine and faeces. It is important to do this after every feed so waste material is passed out properly.
  4. The excrement is firm and the right colour – a sign of good health!
  5. At two months of age, the cubs were ready to be introduced to their exhibit at Night Safari. Head Keeper Mr Dino Bin Mahdi holds a cub while Dr Abraham Mathew, Assistant Director (Veterinary) scans for the microchip implanted for identification purposes.
  6. A cub checks out her new home. Assistant Curator Mr Anand Kumar stays nearby, keeping a close eye on her.
  7. Senior Veterinary Nurse Ms Clara Yeo handfeeding a week-old cub with a specially prepared milk formula.