Circle of Life Festival

It’s time to put your worries away and join us for a fun-filled day!
Welcome to the Circle of Life Festival. This day-to-night wildlife experience promises to take you on an extra wild adventure to explore what shines in the light and what lurks in the dark.
Meet the real animals seen in all new Disney's The Lion King like Mufasa, Simba, Timon, Pumbaa, the laughing hyenas and other favourite characters from Pride lands.

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Local Residents’ Promo

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All New Disney's The Lion King Exclusive Souvenirs

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Salted Egg Custard 'Lion' Bao

Mandai Mart at Singapore Zoo Entrance

Drop by Mandai Mart and get your paws on this exclusive lion shaped bao for $2.90 only!

Getting Here

Zoom Down to Mandai!

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