At WRS, we aim to provide a unique location and context for experiential and service-learning opportunities.
These programmes place emphasis on authentic, hands-on experiences that provide opportunities for students to hone 21st century life skills. 

Trashwalk & Sustainability

Singapore Zoo
2 hours
Pri 3 & above
Minimum: 20 pax | Maximum: 80 pax

Take a trashwalk to find out more about waste generation, littering issues, and recycling!

Programme flow:

  • Why bother? - learn about the impact of unsustainable practices
  • Walk the talk! - group up, designate roles, and get hands-on with a trashwalk
  • Analysis and debrief - analyse the collected trash
  • Take a stand 

Learning outcomes:

  • Gain insights into the issues of waste generation in modern living
  • Understand the importance of reducing, recycling, & refusing
  • Appreciate the importance of effective communication & teamwork
  • Be empowered to take positive action for the environment & sustainability
Local Schools S$ 6 /per person

Wildlife Buddies (Student Groups)

Available in Singapore Zoo, Jurong Bird Park, or River Safari
Pri 4 & above
group volunteering
Minimum: 20 pax | Maximum: 60 pax

Wildlife Buddies are short-term student volunteers who serve as buddies (guides) for their peers, younger students or the disadvantaged to facilitate meaningful and memorable visits to our parks.

This is most suitable for students who wish to volunteer in groups and give back to the wider community. Training will be provided for participants to qualify as Wildlife Buddies. 

Learning Outcomes (Primary):

  • Challenge students to take on leadership roles
  • Learn the importance of being a role model through buddying up with juniors for an outdoor learning journey
  • Develop clear communication skills

Learning Outcomes (Secondary & above):

  • Develop care and concern for other members of the community
  • Acquire skills & knowledge to plan for their own VIA activity 
  • Provide opportunities for students to work with one another 

Conservation Ambassadors

Available in all parks
secondary & above
individual volunteering

Conservation ambassadors are youth volunteers who take on the role as guides at our parks. They promote conservation awareness while providing meaningful and memorable wildlife experiences for guests.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Gain social experience & communicate conservation messages confidently and effectively
  • Become role models to inspire love and care for the natural world
  • Be empowered to take positive action for sustainability