Mother Nature is said to be the best teacher. Draw inspiration from her through our Learning Journeys, immersive wildlife experiences that can help you to enrich your teaching approaches and expertise. The sharing sessions, workshops and staff retreats at our parks also offer a refreshing change of environment, giving you a chance to recharge and connect with nature.

Teachers’ Retreat

1 day

Relish a different kind of teachers’ retreat, this time among animals and plants. Bond over "creepy" encounters or attempt small talk with animals over tea. Our education department can help organise an unforgettable Teachers’ Retreat, based on your school’s needs and requirements.

Train the Teachers Workshop – Primary

3 days

This comprehensive workshop empowers teachers with the confidence and ability to conduct meaningful, engaging and exciting zoo Learning Journeys with their students. It also gives them foundation from which to expand and build their teaching ideas.

Pre-School Teachers’ Workshop

2 days

This workshop provides an in-depth training for preschool teachers on how to conduct exciting and enriching field trips at Singapore Zoo. It also aims to encourage teachers to explore using the zoo as a venue for interdisciplinary teaching.