Activity Sheets

Make visits to River Safari and other Wildlife Reserve Singapore Parks more engaging and educational for the kids with these free activity sheets. These worksheets combine different disciplines such as English, Maths and Science. With them, kids get to learn more about wildlife during their visit and, of course, have more fun! (Don't forget to print on both sides of the paper to save trees too!)


Learn the fun way to go green with these free activity sheets!

Self-exploration pack

Exploring River Safari with young children? Use this pack to plan the children’s learning experience from pre-visit to post-visit. To start, choose a theme that reflects your children’s learning needs and use the activities to explore River Safari.

Colour and Camouflage

4 to 6 years

Camouflage is not just for soldiers! It’s used to attract mates, hide from predators and prey, or ward off animals that want to eat them. Journey through River Safari to see how 10 unique animals use camouflage to survive.


4 to 8 years

Animals move about to look for food, find shelter, interact with one another, hide and escape from predators. Aquatic animals move differently from land animals and have different body parts to do so. Explore River Safari to discover animals with cool moves! 

Super Survivor Skills

9 to 12 years

In the animal kingdom, the fastest, fittest and most adaptable animals survive. Discover the many cool ways animals at River Safari have adapted – physically and behaviourally – to be successful survivors!