Ever wondered how our keepers prepare food for their charges, how the largest tank in River Safari is maintained, or what goes on during a typical day in the Amazon Flooded Forest? Go behind-the-scenes to find out and be prepared for some thrilling animal encounters too!

Fishy Business Behind-the-Scenes Tour

Amazon Flooded Forest
90 mins
15 people (1 group) | Maximum 30 people (2 groups)

Amazon Flooded Forest boasts the largest freshwater aquarium in the world and is home to animals such as rotund manatees and giant arapaimas. Engage in some fishy business behind-the-scenes and learn what our dedicated team of aquarists in River Safari do to ensure that their aquatic charges are in the pink of health. Be awed by the massive life-supporting system, learn about the importance of enrichment for animals and get to prepare food for a feeding session!

Tour objectives are to:

  • Find out how water quality is suitably maintained for the inhabitants of Amazon Flooded Forest.
  • Learn how our aquarists maintain high nutritional and enrichment standards for the animals at Amazon Flooded Forest.
  • Get a chance to prepare food for the fish at Amazon Flooded Forest and enrichment feeders for the manatees.
Local schools S$ 11 /person
Public S$ 18 /person
  1. For school groups only: For every group of 10 paying students, 1 adult is entitled to join the tour for free. The ‘10:1 ratio’ only applies when schools meet the minimum number of people required
  2. Programme prices include 7% GST but exclude River Safari admission.
  3. Prices and programmes are correct at point of communication and subject to change without prior notice.
  4. Group must still pay for the minimum number of people required even if the actual number falls short.
  5. Programmes are available on a first-come, first-served basis, subjected to availability. 
  6. Outdoor learning sessions are weather permitting. In the event of wet weather, the Education department reserves the right to replace the affected outdoor programme with an indoor programme at the staff’s discretion