Meet the newest creature of the night!


Ever seen an animal roll up into a ball of armour to ward off predators? Meet nature’s oddballs like the Southern Three-banded Armadillo and Sunda Pangolin at Night Safari and discover what makes them super survivors of the night.


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Know Your Incredible Oddballs

Southern Three-banded Armadillo

Did You Know? It is the only armadillo species that can roll into a ball. It has hairs located on its belly to act as feelers to feel its way around in the dark.

Sunda Pangolin

Did You Know? It has a long sticky tongue to help prey on ants and termites. It rolls into a tight, scaly ball as a defence mechanism to protect its un-scaled bellies.


NEW! Keeper Talk @ Explorer Outpost

Daily 7.15pm, 8pm and 9pm (15 mins per session) Explorer Outpost (along Fishing Cat Trail)

Get up-close to our incredible oddballs like the Southern Three-banded Armadillo, Sunda Pangolin, Serval, Marbled Fox at this session* with our Keepers. Hear about their fascinating characteristics and stories.

*All activities and animal appearances are subject to change without prior notice. Activities are weather permitting.

Ranger Station @ Explorer Outpost

Daily Explorer Outpost (along Fishing Cat Trail)

Make a pit-stop for our newest Ranger Station and learn more about native wildlife in Singapore through interactive and tactile interpretives and displays. 


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Getting Here

Zoom to Mandai in 15 mins!

Visit Night Safari with our convenient daily Mandai Shuttle, or Mandai Express service from the heartlands!