In light of the latest updates from the Singapore authorities, and with all our guests and employees at the top of our minds, we have stepped up on preventive and precautionary measures across our wildlife parks.

We seek the cooperation of our guests, as we carry out temperature screening at the entry points of our parks. Daily temperature screening is also conducted for all our staff and visitors. Across all our parks, disinfection is being carried out every hour, especially in high traffic areas such as ticketing points.

Guests who feel unwell are advised to approach our staff immediately for assistance.

Our parks are open and we assure all guests who wish to continue with their planned outings that it is safe to share spaces with our animals without worry. We know the health status of our animals, as they are screened regularly and enjoy state-of-the-art veterinary care. Just as the public health advisories constantly remind us, we urge everyone to practise frequent handwashing with soap and water, or hand sanitisers as an alternative.