Our people

We find joy in executing our projects well, and exciting our visitors at our parks every day.

We also care about the deep and meaningful friendships we forge by working closely together. This is celebrated over meals, special occasions and even on a day-to-day basis.

Meet some of us here on the wild side


Alagappasamy s/o Chellaiyah, “Sam”
Zoology Specialist

“It’s so much beyond than just a job. I’m always proud to be a team player in this world-famous organization.”


Sarah Chin
Animal Care Officer

“Keep an open mind and always be willing to learn new things on-the-job. Enjoy the dynamic environment as no two days are the same! ”

Life at Wildlife Reserves Singapore

Our core values

Our core values

We are guided by a guest-centric mindset and a commitment towards wildlife conservation and advocacy.
Our departments

Our departments

We come together from a wide range of functions every day to ensure guests have a meaningful experience at our parks. 

This journey on the wild side has brought in people from all walks of life. Discover what truly makes us different from everyone else, and join us. Find out more about the types of roles we have here at Mandai.