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Life Sciences

We provide world-class care to the animals under our care. With more than over 21,000 specimens representing 984 species, we hold one of the world’s most valuable and relevant living collections for a wildlife institution.

Of the species under our care, 21 per cent are listed as threatened.

We have a team of educators that engages students in educational talks and programmes, giving them opportunities to learn more about the diversity of nature and conservation. We dive deep into research to give back to society and to grow in our areas of expertise.

Our zone design team highlights interesting facts and stories of our animals. Above all, we have world-class facilities and vets to take care of animals who fall sick and nurse them back to health.

Departments under Life Sciences

We are responsible for the general care of animals within our living collection, ensuring that they enjoy the best quality of life.


In addition to general husbandry, we develop and implement enrichment and breeding programmes, as well as special guest interactions.

Our team engages guests from around the world.


Through carefully choreographed shows, we interact with our animals to inspire a sense of wonder in our guests, and to interest them in conservation efforts.

We are responsible for creating animal zones and enhancing our attractions.


We are guided by our concern for our animals, innovation and a focus on environmental sustainability.

We are committed to providing high-quality medical care for our animals.


Beyond this, we actively engage in research and conservation efforts to ensure that we protect and sustain biodiversity.

By offering a wide variety of education programmes and maintaining volunteer engagement, we create meaningful experiences that connect people with our animals and create opportunities for them to learn about wildlife.


As we welcome millions of visitors to our parks annually, our park rangers have an important responsibility to ensure guests have a seamless stay with us the moment they step in. From F&B to retail outlets across our parks, we ensure that all operations run smoothly throughout the day, every day.

Departments under Operations

With value-added services and a safe and secure park environment, we aim to bring delightful and memorable wildlife experiences to our guests at every touchpoint of their visit to our parks.

We produce and procure a wide range of unique merchandise that encapsulates the experiences and memories that our guests have created in our parks.

We aspire to create delightful gastronomic experiences for guests  exploring our parks. With different dining concepts, various refreshment points as well as event and banquet services, there's something to cater for every guest's needs. 

Estate & Horticulture

The estate and horticulture team ensures that our greenery is well-maintained and our machineries work perfectly.From making sure trams are well-oiled to run smoothly, to maintaining boat rides and electrical works throughout the parks, these formidable estate and horticulture teams are the backbone in ensuring our guests have a great time with us.

Departments under Estate & Horticulture

With an emphasis on conservation and environmental sustainability, we take care of the flora and fauna in our parks and aim to create and maintain a delightful environment for our guests.

Our mechanical, electrical and civil engineering teams maintain the plants, machineries and services necessary for our parks to operate.

We work to ensure that our attractions and equipment operate in optimal condition to support park activities seamlessly, and to ensure the safety of our guests.


The corporate office consists of cross-functional teams such as finance, IT, legal, risk, corporate communications, sales & marketing and HR.

Departments under Corporate

We strategise and execute marketing campaigns and efforts to increase our parks’ brand equity through different marketing channels and platforms.

By identifying opportunities and creating new programmes to attract guests, we aim to increase visitor arrivals to our parks.


We develop our sales strategies and work with trade partners to grow market share, and simultaneously collaborate with corporate partners in membership, promotion and events.

We are behind the organisation’s communications to the media and public.


To maintain our image and branding, we facilitate and leverage different media to reach out to our target audience.

We take care of our people.


As a strategic partner of the business, we support the organisation in all matters relating to our most important asset.

With robust IT infrastructure, enterprise business solutions and new technology capabilities, we support the business and enhance the guest experience through our end-to-end systems.

We leverage technology to enhance guest experience in our parks, bringing to them more interactive, efficient and informative touchpoints during their visit.

We support the organisation in all financial activities and ensure that the necessary financial resources are available to support strategy implementation.

We aid the organisation in achieving its objectives by improving effectiveness of our governance, risk management and internal controls.

We ensure that the organisation secures goods and services at the best value through fair, ethical, transparent and compliant procedures.

We advise and support the organisation on legal matters, and act as the liaison with all external legal parties.

We are committed to ensure the safety and health of our people. Together, we work towards building a strong workplace safety culture and strengthening our capabilities.

Mandai Park Development

We have a lot to look forward to as we embark on the Mandai rejuvenation project.With the relocation of Jurong Bird Park and the development of a new rainforest park, the Mandai precinct will be transformed into a world-class eco-tourism hub.
Getting around in the Zoo

Life at Wildlife Reserves Singapore

Our core values

Our core values

We are guided by a guest-centric mindset and a commitment towards wildlife conservation and advocacy.
Our people

Our people

We take pride in working to further wildlife conservation and in exciting guests at four of the world’s best zoos and aquariums every day.