This policy outlines the procedure and ethics that Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS) and its subsidiary institutions: Jurong Bird Park (JBP), Night Safari (NS) and Singapore Zoo (SZ) will adhere to in its undertakings for acquisition of specimens for its animal collection.

Relocation of animals shall conform to all applicable international conventions and agreements, and to national laws.

Animals may be relocated by sale, exchange, loan or gift to reputable zoological institutions approved by the Group Chief Executive Officer (WRS).

Prior to approval, all recipient institutions must return a completed set of forms “REQUEST BY AN ORGANISATION TO RECEIVE ANIMALS FROM WILDLIFE RESERVES SINGAPORE” together with supporting documents, plans and diagrams.

Attempts shall be made to assure WRS institutions that recipient institutions will provide proper care and housing for the animals to be relocated. If perceived deficiencies exist, they shall be corrected to the satisfaction of WRS institutions prior to the movement of the animals.

For transactions arranged through new animal brokers, a complete CV of the contact person, a company profile and a list of references comprising zoological institutions, with which this dealer has undertaken transactions, should be submitted to WRS institutions for review and approval.

No dealings will be undertaken with agents having known previous local, state, federal or international convictions, or of known ill repute. No animal will be released to private individuals, circuses, organisations dealing in similar forms of entertainment, or parties that allow trophy hunting of the animal.

No animal will be released to institutions that will use the animal for medical purposes or invasive research.

CITES Appendix I animals will not be sold for profit but offered as gifts or on a long-term breeding loan to reputable zoological institutions that contact WRS directly with such a request.

All animals leaving WRS institutions will be examined by veterinarians and necessary health certificates issued and endorsed.