This policy outlines the procedure and ethics that Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS) and its subsidiary institutions, Jurong Bird Park (JBP), Night Safari (NS) and Singapore Zoo (SZ), will adhere to in its undertakings for acquisition of specimens for its animal collection.

WRS institutions will endeavour to ensure that the source of animals is confined to those born in captivity and this will be best achieved by direct zoo-to-zoo contact. This will not include the receipt of animals resulting from confiscation, rescue, donation or abandonment. It is recognised that there is a legitimate need to obtain animals from the wild for conservation breeding programmes, education programmes or basic biological studies. WRS institutions must be confident that such acquisitions will not have a deleterious effect upon the wild population.

The first priority is to acquire animals from other reputable zoological institutions. Animals acquired from other sources should be from reputable agencies approved by the relevant CITES regulating bodies.

Acquisition of animals shall conform to all applicable international conventions and agreements, and to national laws.

Acquisition of animals belonging to a species under an international breeding programme will be directed to relevant international studbook keepers for recommendation and assistance.

Acquisition of wild-born specimens belonging to species listed in Appendix CITES I will be arranged via appropriate governmental agencies.

Prior to undertaking a transaction with new sources, a complete CV of the contact person, a company profile and a list of references comprising reputable zoological institutions, with which this source has undertaken transactions, should be submitted to WRS institutions for review and approval. No dealings will be undertaken with agents, who are known to have previous local, state, federal or international convictions or are of known ill repute.

A review of animal dealers will be submitted to the CEO/WRS for approval. A copy of the review shall be given to the Animal Welfare & Ethics Committee (AWEC), WRS.